Kayaking in Milos island

Kayaking on the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea is a classic yet unforgettable experience! We offer you the opportunity to navigate yourselves through paddling across the extraordinary coast of the southern part of Milos.
The equipment is suitable for solo adventurers, couples or even couples with a child who want to discover the secrets of the beauty of Milos!No past experience or great physical strength is needed.

We offer you the chance to reach Tsigrado through the water and avoid the tiring and sometimes dangerous access to the beach. You just have to paddle for about 1 km! In the meantime you will be able to discover on your own every spot you want along the route! As an alternative you can navigate yourselves in the bay of Fyriplaka and paddle across a smaller distance yet equally interesting! You can spent your time exploring the unique beauty of this place and enjoy the view as well as the clear waters.

Safety comes first! In case you do not have any previous experience, our staff will provide you not only with clear instructions but also with a short training session in order to make sure that you are good to go and gain the most out of this experience!
We suggest that you combine the equipment rental with action camera rental to capture these unique moments.

If you are interested in a guided kayak tour to the secrets of Milos click here.
Equipment - Milos Watersports


Our kayaks are very comfortable, easy-to-use and suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. They are sit-on-top kayaks designed for 2 paddlers (plus a child).

Nereus sit-on-top kayak
Length: 3.68m
Width: 0.88m
Thickness: 0.45
Board weight: 30kg (29,8lbs)
Recommended rider weight: up to 213kg

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