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Milos Watersports is the new trend on the island of Milos! We are located at Fyriplaka, the beach with one of the most remarkable landscapes of the island. Our main interest is to provide our customers with adventure, fun and excitement!
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Kayaking Tour to the secrets of Milos

Join us in a guided kayak safari to Tsigrado and Gerakas bay. Enjoy paddling along the majestic landscape of Milos and discover its hidden secrets. Explore secret caves, swim across the magnificent crystal-clear waters, taste traditional snacks and capture every single moment with our action cameras! Do not miss the chance to customize your trip to unravel the beauty of Milos and create an unforgettable memory.

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Gerakas beach - Milos Watersports

Gerakas beach

Gerakas is a totally different yet unique scenery just 3.10 km (1.93 miles) away from Fyriplaka. It is a beautiful bay that is accessible only through the water. There, you will see the sand-falls between the white volcanic rocks that end up creating a beautiful white sandy beach. Small as well as large caves not only at the beach but also in the water await you to reveal their secrets.
Fyriplaka beach - Milos Watersports

Fyriplaka beach

Fyriplaka is a large beach which has as a landmark a huge rock which was detached from the mountain. The huge colorful volcanic rocks that surround it create an amazing landscape, which is definitely worth visiting. The beach has shallow turquoise waters and the coast itself has thin gray sand, ideal for families and children. You will get a great view of the horizon where the Aegean sea meets the sky, and if the weather is favorable you might see the mountains of Crete! As you walk by the beach you will find a couple of traditional “sirmata”, houses that their basement serves as a boat storage space. Right by the huge rock you will find the kiosk of Milos Watersports!

Paddle your way to Tsigrado beach

Follow the amazing paddling trail to Tsigrado. Visit the famous beach of Tsigrado the easiest way possible! Get a kayak or stand-up-paddle (SUP) from Fyriplaka beach and reach Tsigrado through the water. Have fun paddling and discoverevery hidden place!

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Tsigrado beach
Tsigrado is one of the most iconic places of Milos that is just 1km (0,62 miles) far from Fyriplaka. It is a small bay with a golden sandy beach and clear blue waters. It is mostly famous for the fact that you can access it either by climbing (using a ladder and a rope) across a narrow passage that goes through the rocks or through the water.
Watersports in Milos island
Tempe Arizona
This was the absolute highlight of our trip to Milos. We were able to get so much access to beaches that we first time travelers would have been more of a challenge to access on our own. Paris offered us so much insight and really took the experience above and beyond by offering us wet bags and waterproof cameras. He took photos of us throughout the kayak tour and even send them to us through Dropbox. Here it comes: the home made snacks!! This is a family business so his mother actually hand made the snacks that he offered us during the tour. We joked about how the experience receives better reviews for the snacks than for the actual experience lol. But it’s true, they are delicious. When the tour ended, his mother even gave us a lift back to our area where we were staying back at the port. I cannot emphasize enough how special this experience was and how much of a joy Paris and his parents are. I recommend this tour to anyone.... ++

Canary Islands Spain
Aconsejo sin duda esta experiencia. Deporte, naturaleza, snorkeling, risas, dulces caseros tipicos de Grecia invitados por el anfitrion. Ademas grabas tus recuerdos gracias a una gopro . Para repetir . Felicidades a los organizadores!... ++

Nürtingen Germany
This was just amazing :) I definitely recommend this to anyone who’s interested in a sporty activity. We have seen beautiful beaches and caves you’re not able to access any other way then through the sea. The snack were also very delicious. Something selfmade by our guides mom :) It was just an amazing trip.... ++