Conditions & Privacy Policy

General Rules - Kayaking Tour

  1. All activities provided by Milos Watersports are available to anyone who is mentally and physically healthy, and reasonably fit.
  2. Indicatively, this danger may come from the sun, the sea, weather conditions, the natural environment and the interaction with other people. Safety is of prime importance and the experienced leaders/guides are constantly there to help our customers.
  3. Any customer who suffers from an illness, an allergy or food disorder, even if this does not affect the specific activity he/she is to engage in, must inform the representative of Milos Watersports about it upon arrival.
  4. Any customer who is younger than the age limit of 14 years old, must be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian, and have the latter’s signed consent on the application form, for him/her to be eligible to participate in the activity.
  5. The company reserves the right to deny an underage customer his/her right to participate if he/she seems incapable of engaging in the activity. The company reserves the right to deny any customer, regardless of age, his/her right to participate for the reason stated above.
  6. The leader/guide has the right to exclude anyone who is considered to behave in an unsociable way, or is dangerous to himself/herself or to the other members of the team.
  7. The customer gives permission for the company to use his/her name, photos and videos which will be recorded during the program/activity, for promotion and advertising purposes, without the company having any responsibility or liability to him/her.

General Rules - Renting Equipment

  1. The use of our equipment by people under the age of 14 is forbidden unless an adult is on board. The use of our equipment is also forbidden for people who do not know how to swim.
  2. It is forbidden to go further away than 500 meters from the coast.
  3. The use of our equipment is forbidden under bad weather conditions as well as before the sunrise and after the sunset.
  4. The number of people getting on board must meet the standards of the manufacturer.
  5. The person in charge must show the required diligence and caution in order to avoid disturbing everyone present on the beach or in the water.
  6. Everyone getting on board must wear a lifejacket.

Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance of the experience for a full refund.
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time, the amount you paid will not be refunded.
  • Any changes made less than 24 hours before the experience’s start time will not be accepted.
  • Cut-off times are based on the experience’s local time.
Reschedule or relocation / Cancellation by Milos watersports
Milos Watersports can change date, hour and root, or ultimately cancel the tour. This will happen only due to extreme weather conditions, in order to ensure every guest's safety. In this case there will be prior notice and our team will contact our guests.
For all cancellation that will be made by Milos Watersports or in case we do not come to an agreement with the customer, a full refund of the down/payment will be given.
Every customer participates in the activities organized by the company being fully aware of his/her actions, and he/she is solely and exclusively responsible for any physical or material damage he/she may suffer due to participating in these activities. According to the aforementioned statement, he/she or his/her family do not have or maintain any claim from the company - which has taken all the appropriate safety measures - for any potential physical or material damage.
Data privacy protection
Our business / website is committed to honoring the privacy of members and visitors.

Our business does not sell, rent or give in any other way private information which the visitors of this website may submit to any third part, unless the law requires it. Such information are the name, the address, the telephone, fax number or the e-mail.

These information will not be used for undesired continuing of the communication, if we did not first informed you about this possibility and you did not give us your express permission to do so.

If we have your permission, we may use this information to:
  • Send you offers
  • Send you printed material or other correspondence
  • Send you by e-mail press releases or other announcements
  • Deliver to you products or win prizes
  • Our business may use non personal statistic data (browser, geographical location, etc.) in order to continuosly improving our website for better serving the needs of our customers.
We recommend children and young people under 18 to get their parent's permission before submitting their personal data at the website.

Our website is functioning in secure environment SSL.